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The world is a diverse and unique place; we reflect that with our therapists' widely varied styles. Experience them all... 
No two are alike, because massage is truly a work of ART!

iStock 000025904854Small Kelly-Event Manager -Kelly is a skilled Licensed Massage Therapist with your health at the top of her "to-do" list! Her goal is to enhance the mind, body, and spirit by using Swedish Relaxation or Myofascial Therapy.  She believes you should feel your best everyday; and with her skills you CAN!  Feel your worries drift away as her expert touch soothes your aches and anxieties. With Kelly as part of your healthcare team, you'll be amazed at all you can be! Let wellness begin with Kelly! 

foot  Debi--Debi is a confident Licensed Massage Therapist who can relieve your pain and take you to a place of tranquility...Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, with their own set of unique circumstances. Your session is designed specifically for you.  Specializing in a wide array of soothing therapies, she can incorporate many different styles for a truly custom touch!!  Never forget the little things you do for others, sometimes the littlest things take up the biggest part of their heart.

Beach  Phill--"Just give me a hour of your time. I have the skills and the intention to allow your body to heal. My desire to help others is realized through massage. Let me guide you on your path to health and Wellness! I'm hear to listen and be present as you express your needs, worries, aches and pains. Let's begin the healing today!"--Smooth as soothing silk yet effective healing strength...that's Phill!

erinmassageErin -Owner-Erin is what happens when over 20 years of experience meets a client-centered, compassionate touch; it is the joy of seeing people "brought back to themselves" that inspires her artful skill. 

Body & Spirit Massage Therapy

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Where the road to wellness is waiting....

We have MOVED to 825 W State St in Geneva! Suites 117B and 117C 
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About Our Pricing

Body & Spirit pricing is designed to relieve stress also. 
Instead of a complicated price menu; I believe your purchased massage should include all the therapies you need!

  • 60min  massage is $70
  • 90min  massage is $99
  • 30min  massage is $45
  • (Premium treatments such as Hot Stone, Raindrop, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Favorite Things, and Road To Wellness have additional charges.)

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