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ortho"Spontaneous Release Through Positioning"- This therapy follows the concept that when a muscle is in "spasm" or total constriction without rest, the best way to relieve it- is to place the client in the most comfortable position and it will release naturally. This therapy is useful for those suffering from intense pain, or those who unconsciously self-guard. The benefits are not limited here however. Combined with re-patterning or re-teaching the body what it is capable of, Orthobionomy can aid in restoring balance and circulation to areas of discomfort. Teach your body that your pain in unnecessary with your therapist today! Muscles may have memory, but pain is a memory to erase today!

Real life example: A client in neck spasm, tries to stretch neck and makes it worse. With a different position that does NOT stretch, this same client can experience relief and release.

Body & Spirit Massage Therapy

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About Our Pricing

Body & Spirit pricing is designed to relieve stress also. 
Instead of a complicated price menu; I believe your purchased massage should include all the therapies you need!

  • 60min  massage is $70
  • 90min  massage is $99
  • 30min  massage is $45
  • (Premium treatments such as Hot Stone, Raindrop, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Favorite Things, and Road To Wellness have additional charges.)

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