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One of the most focused and intensely therapeutic methods. If deep tissue massage is focus on the muscle itself, then this treatment's purpose is to concentrate on the specific fibers of that muscle. An excellent therapy for "mystery pain", ie someone who has never been able to locate the exact reason for or location of their pain.  Let your expert therapist become a detective, locating the pain and imbalance, and restoring harmony, health and wellness.

Real Life Example: A real life example: woman aged 40 with migraines. After having neuromuscular therapy to the leg musculature, her ankle adjusted and the headaches stopped.

Body & Spirit Massage Therapy

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About Our Pricing

Body & Spirit pricing is designed to relieve stress also. 
Instead of a complicated price menu; I believe your purchased massage should include all the therapies you need!

  • 60min  massage is $70
  • 90min  massage is $99
  • 30min  massage is $45
  • (Premium treatments such as Hot Stone, Raindrop, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Favorite Things, and Road To Wellness have additional charges.)

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