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A soothing massage experience comprised of relaxing, gentle kneading of the muscular tissue. An excellent way to lower blood pressure and increase circulation, while relieving stress and the aches and pains it can bring.

Myofascial Release

A slow, melting touch that warms and loosens hardened muscle and surrounding tissues. This has the effect of making the area more comfortable and ready to receive a deeper approach. A wonderful way to show your body what being in balance is all about.


A precise and methodical approach to muscle pain. During treatment the surrounding area is warmed and massaged before focusing on the most tender point. When the tender point is located, direct sustained pressure is applied, coupled with deep breathing this allows the knotted tissue to relax and regain its ease and flexibility.

Deep Tissue

Especially helpful for those with chronic aches and pains, this therapy's focus is to realign the musculature and connective tissues. This treatment is very useful for those with habitual posturing problems, ie working at a desk all day etc.. With a deeper approach it is important during the session, to remain in communication with your therapist about your comfort level. Imagine, leaving after your session feeling like a brand new you!


This treatment focuses on allowing the body to attain top performance through stretching and range of motion massage. Not just for athletes however, this therapy is useful for anyone who has chronically short or tightened areas in the body ie, anyone who drives, works at a computer, holds children etc. Come experience how happy and healthy you can be once your body's potential performance is re-defined!


One of the most focused and intensely therapeutic methods. If deep tissue massage is focus on the muscle itself, then this treatment's purpose is to concentrate on the specific fibers of that muscle. An excellent therapy for "mystery pain", ie someone who has never been able to locate the exact reason for, or location of their pain. Let your expert therapist become a detective, locating the pain and imbalance, and restoring harmony, health and wellness.

A real life example: woman aged 40 with migraines. After having neuromuscular therapy to the leg musculature, her ankle adjusted and the headaches stopped

Energy Work

A soothing warmth, applied to the body or hovering just slightly above. The focus of this treatment is to restore any imbalances in the body's energetic representation. By balancing the energy centers or (Chakras), areas of discomfort become free to release both physical and, at times emotional tensions. An excellent approach for those who are under stress, worried, tense, ill, or perhaps just anxious about massage in general. Restore balance today.


A unique blend of aromas infused with natural massage oils/lotions to help soothe and pamper your senses. This blend is unique because it is specified by YOU!

Raindrop Detox Therapy

A collection of nine highly immune enhancing essential oils. They are dropped like rain from a height of 6 inches onto the spine and then lightly massaged using soothing,sweeping techniques. This stimulates energy impulses and disperses the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. Allow these all natural oils to crystallize within your system the healing effects known for centuries. This treatment is excellent for anyone undergoing stress, injury, grief, transition in both the physical and emotional states.

Hot Stone Therapy
A massage technique using the Earth's very properties and energies to balance and re-stabalize the Body, Mind and Spirit. Smooth surface stones are placed on key points of pressure in the body, and tired or achy muscles, simply melt under their gentle comforts. Let your soul soar to a place where Wellness is present and possible.

Jin Shin Do

"The Way of the Compassionate Spirit"- This therapy uses elements of acupressure both from China and Japan, as well as verbal guidance. The therapist places direct pressure upon acupressure points which follow the general pattern of strain in the body, ie back, shoulders, and neck. In applying balanced pressure applied to both the right (Yan) and left (Yin) sides simultaneously, the client is able to relax fully without self-guarding. When the body is in discomfort for some time, people begin to "guard" or hold themselves tense in what we call "fight or flight" mode. This treatment not only restores balance to the body, but also peace of mind to the client. Experience this harmony and wisdom of the Ancients, and renew yourself today.


Ever wondered why your foot is SO sore? The body map is reflected on the hands and feet, according to ancient eastern medicine. This therapy focuses on certain points on the hands and feet that correspond not only to organs, but also patterns of strain in the body. Because the hands and feet set the tensions levels for the rest of the body, theyare important areas not to be overlooked when getting massage of any sort. This technique stops the stress signal and restores equilibrium and sense of well-being throughout the body. Happy hands and feet=Happy YOU!


"Spontaneous Release Through Positioning"- This therapy follows the concept that when a muscle is in "spasm" or total constriction without rest, the best way to relieve it- is to place the client in the most comfortable position and it will release naturally. This therapy is useful for those suffering from intense pain, or those who unconsciously self-guard. The benefits are not limited here however. Combined with re-patterning or re-teaching the body what it is capable of, Orthobionomy can aid in restoring balance and circulation to areas of discomfort. Teach your body that your pain is unnecessary! Muscles may have memory, but pain is a memory to erase today!

A real life example:
A client in neck spasm, tries to stretch neck and makes it worse. With a different position that does NOT stretch, this same client can experience relief and release.

Body Posture Analysis

A Complimentary Approach ONLY at Body & Spirit! This is a method for observing the client in his/her natural stance and recording any noted imbalances. This method is benficial to each and every client and highly recommended for the first session, as well as sessions in the future to chart progress during treatment.  Let your therapist maximize your session by accurately assessing what needs attention!

A real life example: A client complains of low back pain. After Body Analysis, therapist notes fallen arches and a turn-out of right foot. Therapist recommends new shoes with extra arch support along with continued massage therapy for stretching,strengthening,and stress relief- client backache goes away after 1 week of following therapist recommendation.

Tai Chi Stretch

After your Body & Spirit massage experience, have your therapist teach you some comfortable, peace-giving stretches from the martial art of Tai Chi. Through breathing and dance-like movement, you will feel tension and worry drifting away by the second.

Body & Spirit Massage Therapy

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Body & Spirit pricing is designed to relieve stress also. 
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  • (Premium treatments such as Hot Stone, Raindrop, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Favorite Things, and Road To Wellness have additional charges.)

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