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Guided Imagery Meditation:Experience the CALM

Sometimes life's stresses are just too much to handle! When we are constantly surrounded by stress, worry and conflict it is difficult to even remember what being relaxed and calm feels like.
Allow me to help guide you to your personal path to inner peace with guided imagery meditation. This method involves skilled, step by step creation of a scene that is pleasing to the client while still remaining general enough in description, allowing the client to create his/her own personal details.  Imagine the possibility! In addition to an outstanding massage..you just traveled somewhere otherworldly in its beauty and harmony.

A Complimentary Approach ONLY at Body & Spirit! This is a method for observing the client in his/her natural stance and recording any noted imbalances. It is benficial to each and every client and highly recommended for the first session, as well as sessions in the future to chart progress during treatment. Example: A client complains of low back pain. After Body Analysis, therapist notes fallen arches and a turn-out of right foot. Therapist recommends new shoes with extra arch support along with continued massage therapy for stretching,strengthening,and stress relief- client backache goes away after 1 week of following therapist recommendation. Let Erin maximize your session by accurately assessing what needs attention!

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About Our Pricing

Body & Spirit pricing is designed to relieve stress also. 
Instead of a complicated price menu; I believe your purchased massage should include all the therapies you need!

  • 60min  massage is $70
  • 90min  massage is $99
  • 30min  massage is $45
  • (Premium treatments such as Hot Stone, Raindrop, Massage and Foot Reflexology,Favorite Things, and Road To Wellness have additional charges.)

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